Were you able to learn anything while in quarantine?

We asked some of our students to share about anything they learned over our quarantine, their responses made us think about all the things we learned in our time apart from our TrinityPrep family. 


I learned a few lessons over quarantine—one big one is that family is important. Being stuck in the house with my family for 5 months was actually good for our family. We got closer and improved our bonds.  I know that some families saw the opposite happen in their house, but for some reason my family didn’t fight at all over quarantine. So overall, quarantine was great for my family and me.


Over quarantine, I did lots of paintings. One skill I learned was how to make skin tones with acrylic paint, and how I could blend and shade faces with them. I learned that you could form skin tones using the primary colors: red, yellow, and blue, along with the optional black and white. All I had to do to create those skin tones was to mix equal parts of the primary colors together. I would also add small amounts of black and white to the mixtures to create multiple skin tones. I used those to shade faces. Just about every skin tone contains red, yellow, and blue. They are all just combined in different ratios.



One lesson I learned while in quarantine was how to work more independently. Doing school online was an adjustment for me, but I managed to make it work. It was odd not having a teacher and other students around me while I was working. Making sure I am caught up with all of my assignments is always important, but it was more difficult in the online format. Having discipline to complete the assignments was also key. Doing school online taught me valuable lessons, all of which I will use moving forward.

I was glad to come back to school this year because I did not enjoy online school. We did not get to see our friends, teachers, or the staff while home on quarantine. It was hard to work from home with so many distractions. I was glad to come back to school because I could see all of my friends, teachers, and staff. I would not have been able to do a whole school year online so I am thankful to be back.