Our Program

College Preparation is a foundational component of TrinityPrep.
We found that helping students develop a vision for their future is a key for them to take initiative and personal responsibility for their academics.

When a student enrolls we begin crafting a systematic plan to support them gaining admission to their choice of university. This Individual College Plan (ICP) becomes a roadmap guiding each student at TrinityPrep to achieve their best results academically. This process makes their future more tangible and provides them specific goals to work towards.

We offer specialized guidance on the college admission process starting in a student’s sophomore year.
See what TrinityPrep parents say about our College Preparation program.

My son chose to transfer to TrinityPrep for his senior year. His confidence has grown as well as his SAT scores and GPA. The smaller class size and warm atmosphere have helped transform him into a successful college bound student. I am so glad my son found his way here!  – Leigh Fischer

From the very first day, our daughter loved Trinity Prep. The environment is extremely nurturing and teachers are able to provide more individualized instruction.  This allows the students to actually learn more throughout the school year. We can now pursue college options with confidence and enthusiasm knowing she is equipped with the tools to be successful.

We highly recommend Trinity to any family looking for a supportive, positive, yet challenge high school learning environment. – Stacey Koval

Trinity Prep School has been the perfect atmosphere and learning experience for my son. He was accepted to every college he applied for! The teachers are excellent and my son is more than prepared to take on every challenge that he may encounter. – Elise Venturo

I am happy to report the champagne was popped recently when Amy was accepted into her first choice of university. We could not have done it without Trinity Prep. Thank you all for your investment in my daughter’s life and education!  Jill Zakerski

The Classroom and Beyond

In our peaceful, patient atmosphere offering more personalized instruction students are able to excel academically. Our staff is passionate about their subjects and inspire students to rediscover their love learning. Teachers are also available immediately after school three days a week to meet with students for extra help.


In addition to core subjects, classroom opportunities are offered to students through a set of diverse electives. Examples include: Physics, Astronomy, Psychology and Statistics, Criminal Justice and American Warfare, Spanish Levels I-IV, Business Leadership, Health and Nutrition, Creative Writing, Art Levels I-IV, Graphic Design, Art History and Appreciation, and Yearbook.

Creative Arts Department

Numerous studies have shown that individuals who have been encouraged in creative expression have higher test scores, are more adept at critical thinking, problem solving, and are better prepared for future life changes. TrinityPrep promotes creativity through our Art Department to prepare students for future success wherever they go.

Student art from TrinityPrep has been shown at the Mint Museum, Novant Matthews, and other public spaces in 2014/2015. See TrinityPrep’s art blog here to get an idea of what our students are producing.

Students are also able to take part in drama, this year they chose the production Just Another High School Play. Click here to see the play that had the hole school laughing.

Student Life

We believe success is not only a product of academic training, but comes through growth in leadership skills and life vision as well. TrinityPrep offers a number of opportunities for students to develop in collaboration, communications, organizational, and leadership skills.

These opportunities include athletics, student government, Key Club and other service organizations, Prom, and other opportunities. Students are able to develop crucial skills through their involvement in these different organizations and teams.


TrinityPrep fields teams in three sports: Cross Country, Basketball, and Golf.

Cross Country

Team Building & Outdoor Education

Each year students and faculty move out of the classroom for several days of team building and outdoor education in one of our area’s great camps. High ropes course and zip line allow students to confront and overcome fears in a safe, supportive environment. Students learn to encourage one another through team building exercises like low ropes courses.

Other outdoor activities like kayaking, canoeing, and “the blob” are annual favorites. Students also work together on “challenge activities” to make new friends and for team building. These days are always a great time of fun and learning. Each year many students point back to these times outside of the classroom as breakthrough experiences.

While students form new friendships and do team building, our faculty are able to get to know students personally. As they discover students’ motivations, dreams, and communication styles in a casual setting, our faculty is empowered to engage students more effectively back in the classroom.

Each year our faculty and staff return from team building days unified and cohesive. The personal breakthroughs, team building, and insights gained set up both students and faculty for maximum success throughout the school year. For some of our students it proves to be a life changing experience.

If your teenager has not yet found the academic success that is possible for them we might be able to help.
Contact us to see if your student is a good fit for TrinityPrep’s supportive, encouraging learning environment and get them started on their path to success.
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