About Us

TrinityPrep is not just an ordinary school.

We are a family, and we educate the whole student: academically, socially, and emotionally.

Academic Support

TrinityPrep offers small class sizes, hands-on curriculum, and individualized instruction. We don’t give busy work. We deliver flexible, creative lesson plans and provide ample communication with families about their student’s progress. A typical class includes 15 minutes of instruction, 15 minutes of hands-on application, and 15 minutes of Q and A to ensure that students understand the material. Three times per week, our teachers are available after school for plenty of extra academic help.

Our students thrive when they have teachers who believe in them. The result is that grades rise, confidence increases, and students begin to take more ownership over their lives. Our students enjoy coming to school, which brings more peace into their home lives. They have new hope for their future, and are prepared for college and beyond.

Social Support

Many students come to us who were bullied or who didn’t feel like they fit in at their other schools. In our environment, students start to feel accepted and celebrated for who they really are. Whether at the beginning or in the middle of the year, new students are able to quickly find a place where they belong. Throughout the year we host team building days off campus, and provide many ways for students to feel included and to connect with other students. Examples include: theatre productions, basketball, cross-country, clubs, and student government.

Emotional Support

TrinityPrep is known for its caring, positive community which serves its students’ emotional needs. Regularly our students hear from local counselors on topics such as: strategies for dealing with anxiety, developing healthy relationships, managing their thought life, positive digital citizenship, and much more. Each student also receives one “encouraging word” throughout the year. Encouraging words are affirmations spoken to them by their teachers publicly, recognizing who they are and all the positive things about them as a person. Through the support of their teachers and peers, our students are able to peel back old, false labels and believe in themselves.

7516 East Independence Blvd Suite 100 Charlotte NC 28227

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About TrinityPrep

TrinityPrep is a private school in Charlotte, NC which serves students in grades 8-12. We were established in 1994 and offer an accredited, well-rounded, college-prep program. Students come to us from all over the Charlotte area and beyond. We welcome students from all backgrounds and faiths.

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