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Celebrating the class of 2023!

Graduation at TrinityPrep is a unique event where we get to celebrate our graduates for the incredible individuals they are. We honor every student with a Senior Blessing; this is an acknowledgment of everything they have achieved, their beautiful personalities, and all the possibilities for their future. This year we had 33 graduates, so we certainly had a lot to celebrate. 

Helpful Information

Drivers License Certificates

School certification is required by the NC DMV for students to obtain their Drivers License. When your student needs an authorized school certification, please email Ms Beerbower. If you will need a school certification during the summer, please plan ahead and obtain one before the summer break.

Jupiter Ed

This is the primary communication portal between your student, their teachers, and yourself. Student grades are kept current and available for review on Jupiter Ed. Current and future class assignments are also posted in Jupiter Ed for your student’s planning purposes.


All requests for transcripts should be sent to Mr Lambert, our Director of Academic Standards. Most universities required that sealed transcripts be physically mailed to them. When making your request, please allow enough time for transcripts to be produced, sealed, and mailed to your students future university.


We endeavor to maintain an environment free from misunderstanding, confusion, or gossip. One of the best ways to produce a healthy atmosphere is by directing communication to the person you need to discuss a situation with and no one else.

Students and parents are encouraged to communicate directly with teachers about any questions, concerns, or input related to grading, missed assignments, or extra help needed. Teachers are happy to discuss these items and are your first point of contact.