Admission Process

How The Admission Process Works

The admissions process begins with a call to our director of admission. During this phone call you can discuss your teenager’s academic needs and begin exploring, along with Ms. Barto, if TrinityPrep might be an option for them. The next step of the admissions process involves you and your student taking a tour of the school, and an interview.

Finally, your student will be invited to attend classes for the day at TrinityPrep. This is one of the best ways to determine if TrinityPrep is the best fit for your student, and whether or not TrinityPrep can serve your family’s educational needs.

The Enrollment Process

Once your student has been accepted to TrinityPrep, our Head of School will send you an enrollment contract. Enrollment is secured once TrinityPrep has received the signed contract and the non-refundable registration fee of $3500.

Call (704) 608-5945 or email us at

NCSEAA Grant Funding

With the recent expansion of the NCSEAA program, we are expanding our knowledge of how this program can help families reduce tuition costs. To see if your student qualifies for grant funding visit NCSEAA.

The IEP team at the home school where the student must have completed a battery of tests within a 90-day period at the request of the parent/legal guardian. Upon completion, please expect the following:

Although neither an IEP nor a 504 Plan is required to be enrolled at Trinity Preparatory, in the event that an enrollee has an active IEP or 504 Plan, Trinity will make every effort in which to honor these documents.

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