Welcome Back For 2022

A new year is a new opportunity for success. 

Last year we asked students what do they want to learn. We didn’t expect most of their answers to be about skills and knowledge they could use after high school. So this summer, we added Culinary Arts, CTE ( Career & Technical Education), Chorus, and Life Skills. Over the summer, we added a full kitchen to our facility to allow students to learn about cooking, baking, and first aid. 

This summer, we also added three new teachers to our staff. Melvin Clark is our STEM and Business Leadership teacher and has a lifelong passion for education and community growth. He’s currently working on finishing his doctorate and in ministry. Dr. Lynne Elsasser is our English and Chorus teacher, passionate about the arts and helping students grow. She’s excited to work with Mr. Poux to incorporate music into our theater productions. Carla Cenname is our new Spanish teacher, she has always wanted to be an educator. She wanted to become the type of teacher she would have needed as a student. Also, after receiving his doctorate in education, our Chairman, Dr. Barto joined the teaching staff for Earth & Environmental, Life Skills, and Health & Physical education.