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We reached out to a few families during the stay-at-home order, and asked them to tell us in their words why they love TrinityPrep. Here’s what they had to say about our unique learning environment.


We don’t give busy work but continue to give creative, hands-on lessons. See clips of our teachers giving creative lessons last spring during the stay at home order:

Emotional Support:

TrinityPrep constantly seeks to provide resources to our students and their families that will both be encouraging and helpful. We host weekly online Assemblies for students, and Community Talks for families during this time.

Click here to see our previous Community Talks for parents:

Schooling in Crisis

Addressing ADD and ADHD at Home with Online Classes

Boundaries during Quarantine

Click here to see more information about who we are. Or reach out to (704) 488-7960 for a virtual or “social distance” tour.