Welcome to Trinity Prep

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Our Vision at TrinityPrep

TrinityPrep is a Family

We educate the whole student Emotionally,Socially, and Academically

How Did We Do This?

High Quality Teachers

Our teachers connect with students and love teaching. They tailor teaching to the student and inspire a joy for learning. 

They lead positively and coach students to achieve the best in themselves.

Our Teaching Model

Our teaching methods are student-centered, multi-media, and hands-on. 

Learning support is uniquely tailored to the student. 

Homework given is minimal and reinforces learning. 

The Right Size

Every student learns differently. Smaller classes enable our teachers to provide students with individualized attention. In this setting, teachers can discover students’ unique learning styles and creatively engage them in the way they learn best. Students learn how to succeed in high school and beyond.

Success is closer than you think.

We would love to discuss how we can help your teenager can find greater success. Please contact us at 704-569-1900 or info@trinityprep.com to learn more.

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