Understanding Your Child’s Learning Style

What are learning styles and why do they matter?

Learning styles were created as a tool to attempt to understand the ways different people think and learn. Visual learners do well with things like diagrams, charts, and presentations. Auditory learners must hear information in retaining it, so they excel in group discussions, oral presentations, and engaging lectures. Traditional teaching styles are geared towards visual and auditory learners when in reality they are only a small part of the student population. We have now discovered that creative learners make up a significantly larger portion.

What is a creative learner?

Creative learners are often mislabeled at an early age as difficult or unmotivated when in reality they just haven’t found an environment that challenges them correctly. Creative learners succeed when they can combine standard things like reading and lecture with things like art projects, and mental puzzles. Understanding your students learning style can be the key to helping them in their academic career, and can set the stage for future success.