The Admissions Process

The admissions process begins with a call to our Head of School. During this phone call you can discuss your teenager’s academic needs and begin exploring, along with Mr. Corwin, if TrinityPrep might be an option for them. Mr. Corwin will ask a series of questions we have developed over the last two decades that help us understand what your student needs.

The next phase involves two additional steps in the Admission Process. The first is a visit to the school, where you and your student will interview with Mr. Corwin and tour the school. The second involves your student attending classes for a day or part of day to help determine if TrinityPrep would be a fit for them.

The final phase involves processing the information from the student/parent interviews and the student’s day at school. This assessment allows us to determine if we believe TrinityPrep can serve your family’s educational needs.

Finding Your Student’s Fit

The Admissions process is designed to provide plenty of information to help everyone determine if TrinityPrep will be a good fit for your student, and if your student will be a good fit for TrinityPrep. There are many wonderful schools in the Charlotte region and we are more than happy to refer inquiring families to other schools that may be better options for them.

The Enrollment Process

Step 1 – Complete the Admissions interview and tour.
Step 2 – Receive approval for your student to enroll.
Step 3 – Submit enrollment contract & non-refundable registration.
Here’s how to get started:
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