Our Story

Dear Prospective Students & Parents:

Welcome to our website. I am the Head of School at Trinity and believe it or not, I know exactly how you might feel right now.

I attended three different schools before I found the right place for me. Each time I went to a new school I wondered if things would be different—if I would make friends quickly or if the teachers would be supportive in helping me learn.

At my first school I did not fit in and had anxiety about going each day. At the next school, it seemed like the administration was more concerned about rules and regulations than helping me academically. Thankfully the last school I went to had a different atmosphere.

The teachers took a personal interest in me and believed in my ability to succeed. This environment gave me the confidence I needed to believe in myself again after what I had experienced in the other schools. I got on track and soon found success academically and socially.

That success continued at the university level as I earned my Bachelors and Masters degrees. I know the power of a positive, encouraging learning environment because it changed my life.

My experiences in school, both bad and good, enable me to uniquely understand what you might be going through. This is the driving force behind TrinityPrep’s safe, caring, and positive learning environment.

At TrinityPrep, you will be given every opportunity to excel in the classroom and gain skills to succeed academically and beyond. Whether you have been a mediocre or Honor Roll student, whether you have never felt accepted by peers or already have many positive influences in your life—you are welcome at TrinityPrep, a school that feels like a family.

I would like to meet you and your family so we can discuss how Trinity can help turn your dreams into reality. Please feel free to call me personally so that we can set aside some time to meet.

All the best,

Doug Corwin

Our Mission and Goal

Trinity Preparatory School is a private school for grades 8 through 12. We welcome students from all backgrounds and faiths as we celebrate diversity of experience.

Our mission is to help students become the successful people God created them to be, so they can make the world a better place through their success. This involves helping students discover their unique learning style, and their passions, dreams, and talents so they can develop a vision and plan to reach their full potential as adults. With this in mind, we developed the concept of RISE:

Responsibility, Academic Integrity, Self-Awareness, and Engagement.

Our goal is for students to assume responsibility for their own academic success, embrace academic integrity, grow in self-awareness (their strengths, capacity, and learning style), and to engage in opportunities for growth and further development. By maintaining a positive learning environment, encouraging students about their potential, helping them discover their gifts, talents, and abilities, and inspiring them for a vision of their future—students find the success that is possible for them.

We want students to find success at TrinityPrep and to gain the skills to succeed at their next academic level and beyond the classroom.

Our History

Trinity Christian Preparatory School – established 1994

In the late 1980s, Bruce Corwin, a former high school teacher and football coach left his job with IBM to return to his first love: education. He launched an educational services and tutoring business in the SouthPark area of Charlotte that became highly successful. Because of that success, within a few years he was invited to consult with other educators across the nation, training them to help students learn more effectively.

It was at that time that Bruce began dreaming of starting a private school that was positive, supportive, and focused on helping students succeed academically and beyond. In 1994 he established a private, faith-based, high school serving the Charlotte region. This school would become Trinity Preparatory School (we call it TrinityPrep for short) in the late 1990s.

In 1998 Doug Corwin left his professional services career to join his father in developing TrinityPrep, eventually taking over as Head of School in 2011. During the past two decades TrinityPrep has become a valuable resource to Charlotte areas families, serving their educational needs and helping their students find success.

Over the past few years we have gained rapport among counselors and professionals working with teens because of the transformations that occur in our positive, encouraging, learning environment and the success of our college preparation program. It has been a wonderful journey so far and we are excited about the future of helping many more Charlotte area students find success in the classroom and beyond.

Sarah Beerbower – Front Office

Contact her at info@trinityprep.com

Doug Corwin – Head of School

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James Lambert – Director of Academic Standards

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Dr. Mary B-Hall – English & Languages Department Chair

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Christy Smith – Creative Arts Department

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Stephanie Neal – Math Teacher

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Mel Poux – English & Drama Teacher

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Bob Bowman  – History Teacher

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Lanisha Ennis – Science Teacher

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Julianna Barto  – Director of Marketing & Communication

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Carrie Corwin  – Office Administration

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